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Your Digital Life

a holiday theme showing a crossword puzzle

Our holiday crossword puzzle is here!

Now that the feast is over and you’re all cozied up, we’ve got the perfect post-meal activity for you. Introducing Lokwest’s Holiday Crossword Puzzle! It’s time to put on your thinking caps, grab a warm drink, and dive into a delightful mix of clues that will tickle your tech-savvy brain. This isn’t just any crossword puzzle; it’s a journey through fun and engaging tech themes, designed to bring a smile… Read More »Our holiday crossword puzzle is here!

This year, strive for digital wellness

Whether you’re starting a new year, celebrating a new beginning, or just looking for a change, there’s never been a better time to look at your digital wellness. You probably received a plethora of “year in review” e-mails over the last few weeks. I have to admit, I took a look a quite a few of them myself. One stood out – something along the lines of the best social… Read More »This year, strive for digital wellness

My client was hacked. Could you be next?

It was around 8:30 on a Monday morning when the text came in. “I need some help, I think I’m being hacked.” As a digital coach, I receive several hacking messages like this every year. Most of the time, the “hack” turns out to be nothing. Spyware, popup windows, and messages that seem strange are often innocuous. 90% of the time a quick malware scan, spam quarantine, or password change… Read More »My client was hacked. Could you be next?

working at a laptop

Lökwest Coaches Working Wardrobes Clients

If you feel a little out of touch with today’s technology, you’re not alone! Technology is all around us and it’s critical in today’s workplace. However, technology changes so quickly it’s nearly impossible to keep up with. Even those of us in the industry are swamped by the pace of change. Because of this, we designed a three-part series to help Working Wardrobes clients “break the ice” with today’s basic… Read More »Lökwest Coaches Working Wardrobes Clients

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What the *#@! is a digital life coach?

Now that we have your attention…so what, exactly, is a Digital Life Coach? Wouldn’t a consultant or IT professional be better? From a search engine perspective, maybe so. But, it sounds so stiff and commanding! On the other hand, going with a phrase like “guru” or “genius” may be trendy, but those seem like a gimmick. You may think “digital life coach” is just as gimmicky, so here’s the thought… Read More »What the *#@! is a digital life coach?

Inspiring and important life lessons I learned optimizing websites

Life lessons from a website? You wouldn’t think that optimizing websites can teach you life lessons, would you? Well, think again. I recently finished performance-optimizing on two websites I manage. This is something I like to do on a regular basis because, in technology, standards and practices always change. Before you fall asleep – this isn’t a 20-step guide on how to optimize your website or WordPress stack! There are… Read More »Inspiring and important life lessons I learned optimizing websites