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Digital Life Wellness is a coaching practice by Lökwest Digital Life Coaching, focused on using technology as an adjunct to professional therapy. 

More and more of our daily lives are assisted with or consumed by technology. A person’s “digital life” can have significant impacts on their “real life”. When technology isn’t understood or becomes unapproachable, a person’s life can become restricted. Conversely, when technology is over-used, other areas of life may suffer neglect.

We strive to help clients use technology in a balanced way as an essential tool for wellness.

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Digital Wellness Explained

Today, the digital world is nearly all-encompassing. It permeates almost every aspect of our lives and sways our day-to-day decision making. Technology has improved life in many ways, but it’s also created huge amounts of information for people process each day. This has brought about an increase of “digital anxiety” across society in recent years.

Technology has evolved exponentially over the last 50 years. The human brain has evolved over many millennia. Is it any wonder that many of us experience some sort of technology related anxiety?

Think about it – how much of your waking life is digital, and how does your digital life affect you? Whether you envision this “digital life” as an insidious intrusion or as an enlightened step forward, we do need to be prepared to engage at a pace that is comfortable for each of us.

Unless technology is your livelihood, rapid technology changes are always leaving you feel “left behind.” And here’s a secret – even for those of us in the business, the amount and breadth of learning is insurmountable. 

Since your real life is intertwined with your digital life, bad habits in one can affect the other. For example, over-use of technology can lead to sedentary behavior, nutritional problems, and physical ailments. On the contrary, a physical or mental ailment can also contribute to bad digital habits.

Relieving your technology anxiety starts by finding someone who can explain it to you in simple terms, with compassion and understanding. 

Technology is a means to an end. True happiness and contentment are only achieved when you use technology to meet your life goals, rather than letting it interfere with them.

Digital Wellness Services

ADHD and Related Issues

We use a custom suite of applications designed to help clients improve focus and attention. We also provide tips and assistance on how they can simplify their technology through device and account clean-up, notification adjustments, and coaching.


Substance Issues and Recovery

We help clients leverage recovery technology with as little mental strain as possible. First, we assist with any existing technology issues that a client may be having. Next, we simplify a client’s technology, removing the need to learn new concepts. Finally, we recommend a custom suite of apps, websites, and entertainment that can re-enforce a client’s recovery process.

Stress Reduction /
Digital Re-Engagement

We work with clients to streamline their technology and eliminate stress. We can recommend applications that may help with a client’s mental health challenges. We also help clients get back up to speed on the latest technology in a no-pressure, intimidation-free environment.

Digital "Detox"

We help clients identify how they use technology and strategize on how to live a more balanced life.

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Visit our Digital Life Wellness Practice at:

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