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Lökwest Coaches Working Wardrobes Clients

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If you feel a little out of touch with today’s technology, you’re not alone!

Technology is all around us and it’s critical in today’s workplace. However, technology changes so quickly it’s nearly impossible to keep up with. Even those of us in the industry are swamped by the pace of change.

Because of this, we designed a three-part series to help Working Wardrobes clients “break the ice” with today’s basic technology concepts. Knowing common terms and having the ability to communicate and create with technology can provide an edge in today’s workplace and the world, especially when in the job market.

We presented the series via Zoom in March 2021, and we received some great praise from participants. We covered the following topics in the sessions, with presentations followed by live demos:

Part One – Get Familiar with Technology

  • The types of computers are available today
  • Basic terms you need to know to “speak tech”
  • Basic tips for browsing the Internet
  • Staying safe when working online

Part Two – Communicate Using Technology

  • How to create an e-mail address and check your e-mail
  • How to use an e-mail address (address books, signatures, spell checker, and other features)
  • How to avoid spam and keep a clean e-mail inbox
  • Other ways to communicate, besides e-mail and text (Messenger, WhatsApp, Signal, Slack, Teams)

Part Three – Create Using Technology

  • How to install Word or find Google Docs
  • How to create a new document
  • Where to find document templates
  • How to share a document
  • Basic features common to word processors (styles, fonts, tables, spell check, images, etc.)
  • Other useful applications (notepad, Evernote, etc.)

Would you like a copy?

If you’d like a copy of the presentation portion of one or more of the talks in the series, just contact us!

About Lökwest

Lökwest has provided premier Digital Life Coaching and Consulting services in San Clemente since 2013. We’ve worked with dozens of clients in personal and business settings. From simple technology questions to complex, strategic projects, we’ve got you covered with over 25 years of global experience in technology.

Our vision is to guide and encourage, asking questions in order to engage you in the problem-solving discussion to discover your needs and goals.

We are more than IT consultants, the “repair” squad, website developers, programmers, or teachers. We are digital life coaches.  We work with heart.

About Working Wardrobes

Working Wardrobes

Working Wardrobes is a non-profit organization providing workforce readiness, job training, and professional wardrobe services in an environment of dignity and respect. At Working Wardrobes, we do everything in our power to help men, women, young adults, and veterans overcome difficult challenges, so they can achieve the dignity of work.