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What the *#@! is a digital life coach?

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Now that we have your attention…so what, exactly, is a Digital Life Coach? Wouldn’t a consultant or IT professional be better?

From a search engine perspective, maybe so. But, it sounds so stiff and commanding! On the other hand, going with a phrase like “guru” or “genius” may be trendy, but those seem like a gimmick.

You may think “digital life coach” is just as gimmicky, so here’s the thought process behind the name.

I’ve been called a lot of things!

Back in 2013, I was struggling with a new title, having been called a number of things (most, thankfully NOT of the four-letter variety). Check out a few of my former titles: “Re-manufacturing associate” (tearing apart greasy parts in a factory), “Groundskeeper” (mowing lawns for Grandma), and more. One of the favorites I came up with myself was “Interactive Systems Consultant”. Only in later years did I realize that could apply to a tech geek, banker, doctor, or pimp. But, I digress…

Turns out, everyone can be a “consultant” of something. I needed a title that described my approach to helping others using technology.

What does a consultant really do?

man consulting a woman on a computer I thought more about my technical and consulting career. Most times, consultants are brought in to either “know everything” or “fix a mess”. Looking back, I can see that most of those situations didn’t require either a fixer or a know-it-all, but a coach. In the most successful situations, I acted more like a coach to management, team members, partners, and clients than anything else.

Thus, the term coach stuck. But what kind of coach? Technology coach? I considered it, but it seemed to limit what I could convey to potential clients. More thinking and the concept of the digital life emerged.

Your digital life

desk full of things Why? Most people have a “digital life” that consumes a major portion of the day. E-mail, web surfing, social media, gaming, streaming, and computer work all contribute to the digital life. That digital life is becoming even more pervasive with the “Internet of Things”. It won’t be long before the digital world is truly everywhere. The state of your digital life is probably a large contributing factor to your overall happiness!

Aha! Digital Life Coaching

There it was – Digital Life Coaching. The name stuck with me and aligned with my goals, namely to make technology approachable, understandable, and an asset to your business or life.

Whether the term “digital life coach” ever trends in Google search or on Twitter, I don’t care.

That’s the story of the Digital Life Coach. My goal is to make complex concepts and technology simple to use and understand. Technology is a means to an end, which is often overlooked. Technology should add value to your digital life, not add stress!

Let’s get your digital life in order!

What problems are you having in your life or business? I can probably find a way technology can help. Call 949.388.0241 or e-mail [email protected] today! (or just click on the little blue message circle below) 🙂

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